Pre-Spring Floating Event 2024


As anticipation for the spring season, Stratos is delighted to announce their participation at the highly anticipated annual “Pre-Spring Floating Event” in Muiden. Taking place from March 15th to 17th and March 22nd to 24th, this event promises two weekends of nautical excitement and luxury.

Following a successful European launch at Boot Düsseldorf, Stratos is set to showcase the Stratos Dutch Built 50 at the Pre-Spring Floating Event. This exceptional vessel will be featured alongside a stunning array of other yachts, making it a highlight of the event.

Event Highlights:

– Luxurious Catering: Indulge in culinary delights and refreshments courtesy of our top-tier catering services.
– Indoor Oasis: Unwind in the chic and inviting lounge area, immersing yourself in the Stratos experience.
– High-End Partners: Explore handpicked partners specializing in the high-end market segment, presenting their finest products and services.
– Sea Trials: Step aboard and experience the sheer magnificence of the yachts that are on display with captivating sea trials.

Stratos is excited to welcome guests to the Pre-Spring Floating Event and provide you with an exclusive opportunity to witness firsthand the elegance and innovation of the just release Stratos Dutch Built 50.

The Pre-Spring Floating Event promises to be a remarkable showcase of luxury, sophistication, and maritime excellence.

*Please note that sea trials with the Stratos Dutch Built 50 are exclusively available by invitation.